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So, yesterday was the day I finally decided to attend a WAPI event again. WAPI, which stands for Words And PIctures, is a monthly event that takes place every last Saturday of the month at the British council in Nairobi.And it’s basically a showcase involving visual artists (graffiti artists,garment artists etc) and aural artists (mcs, djs, singers, spoken word poets etc), with the aim of pushing a unified message/theme at the same time showcasing individual talent.I can’t quite remember the last time I was there but it has been a while.

Anyway, I got there, panting and sweating like a marathon runner at the finish line, cause I had to endure walking a km and a 1/2 or so in the very hot Nairobi sun (aww poor me!). But I was there!,and the first thing that got me excited was the crowd in attendance.crowd The last time I attended a WAPI event, the ratio between artists and attendees was around 2:1!, yesterday was a different story, although there were more artists than before, I think the ratio must have been 10:3 in favor of the non artists. Which I think made it out to be more of a ‘showcase’ than an art forum.

If you thought art was ‘dead’ in Nairobi, you wouldn’t have thought you were in Nairobi at WAPI. Guys did some pretty amazing stuff, particularly the graffiti artists, who went wild on the walls!graffgraff. Clearly though, in my mind, the Siafu crew took home the belt!. Other artists worth mentioning were the ‘canvas’ artists who all collaborated in theme to reflect the suffering and the need for peace in Kenya.canvascanvascanvas
The ‘mic’ art was dominated mainly by Hip hop mcs, apparently Channel O was there scouting/judging talent, which probably explains the huge turnout. With that said, I think I can proudly say that there’s a new breed of mcs in Kenya, and AK47 must be the poster-boy for this. The mc, ‘shot’ round after round of punch lines, from rapping about how when he goes in to buy a ‘CD’ at the chemist,he doesn’t ask for a ‘CD’ but for an ‘mp3’, to how his shoe doesn’t have a sole (soul) it has hip hop!(it really sounds better in sheng), the dude had the crowd waving and shouting for more.
Sadly though, I didn’t get to see much,since I arrived late and I left a bit early.All in all it was as I expected, display of raw talent and a hunger to be heard.And even though maybe some artists need to up their game a bit, and a change of venue to a more convenient place would be welcome, this event is good for Artists, good for Nairobi and mostly good for Kenya especially in these trying times.Props to the British council and much more props to BLAZE( the event organizer and mc).

‘Am probably going to attend the next one too. lady in pink

nice ones!!,the paintings!! viva hugoHugo Chavez!!.

Today? well am going to a ROCK SHOW at the cockpit in Langata! (Yes in Nairobi!).



  1. tight stuff there,holmes! i attended that Wapi n it sure rocked!
    That Ak47 cat sure got skills,n lots! mad luv 4 the memories!

  2. I like the thing with the Blurry faces đŸ™‚ I may actually start going for WAPI again.

  3. I do agree wapi has bn a blast,am a faithful thea bt nowadayz it has bcme a sato hangout,nt that i don lyk tha influx bt ppl shld attnd 2 apprciate tha talent.

  4. Wuzup wapi crew big up for the good work and creating a one of a kind funkie where hiphop lovers can meet and mingle. My only problem is the monotomy of event in my own opinion i think you should spruce up the whole event and include other stuff other than the usual ones we have.I usuallky attend and i feel its the same old graffiti,freestyle and artists there. Try making it more intresting so as to pull more crowds. Incase of Ideas do contact me i have some very wicked which i think may pull more crowds and make the whole wapi thing a blast each and every 3rd sato of the month. Big up Blaze and keep up the fire. Hala!!!

    • Elifadhar Mdassa
    • Posted February 18, 2009 at 9:49 am
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    i use to be a good attendant of all the Wapi ivent back when i was living in sweet Nairobi, i real miss the whole thing and wish i could be there to join my brothers and sisters as we shared i dears and all those sweet momment’s.

    right now am in Tanzania doin some as always i know the aim of Wapi was to make sure that Vijana gat something to do and develope the society and the whole of the continent and i tried hard and now i gat something in hand.

    i’d also thank the whole management of Wapi for making it possible for youth to come together despite there residing places difference Wapi has made it posible for them to feel as one, and discover what they are capable of doing in life as to my side i have made lot’s of things pissible through wapi and for those with good memmory they can remmember me by the perfomance i hed once done in some of the shows (rapping and singing)which i have taken it to the next level and managed to release a single which am looking fowerd to put it on radio, back here things ain’t that easy but am much appreciated for the stape i have gained so far, i have also aqured skill during the time i have been there.

    if possible i’ll like to send an attouchment for my copy to you if i will have you mail(e-mail)
    and i promiss you that soon as i’ll be there i promiss to share with you my sweet music.

    you shold have a dream and lieve for that dream, all is possible.

    Wapi has done so much for me.

    Elifadhar Fredrick Mdassa(Baby Fizzo)

  5. hey everyone,

    Great stuff. I work at the British council and we’re about to start our very first Wapi in August! Any ideas or tips on how to really get people engaged and increase the audience? Have you guys held competitions, raffles, famous performers, or any thing like that? I’d appreciate any feedback!


  6. am liking wat u guys r can i get the updates of any new concert u guys will be holding?

  7. guyz yo doing gud job by going down to the street thanx guyz

  8. .wapi iz sure the dopest event in this part of kenya.appreciate the mcs.akina PB, BLAZE the orgs.sure wouldnt miss one event 4 nuthin…

  9. Wapi’s something special!!

  10. Wassup wapi…am loving everything u do…am an artist myself,but am still learning…i wz wndrn f u gyz can hook me up with a mentor or sth…am lovin the writings n i wnt 2 get in2 that…f u cld help,ad really appreciate it…keep up the awesomeness:))

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