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Yesterday, I was at the COCKPIT!lol, yes the cock-pit, which happens to be a club in Langata. I actually woke up pretty beat up but I had to be there,partly ’cause of the bands playing, but also ‘for-the-cause’. Two young ladies decided that they were bigger than most grown up politicians and organized a benefit rock show to help victims of the recent ‘tribal’ clashes. the cockpit

Entrance was free but if you had something you could donate. And I think that really rang out well with people, although am not sure how much was donated, but I could see what must have been a van full of stuff already donated when I got there.

Anyway, I arrived there a band late but the bands that came after more than made up for it. My favorite was without a doubt Murphy’s Flaw, made up of 5 chicks and a dude, I think their secret is in that arrangement cause it was magic.Other notables, in my opinion, were Mukasa, the bassist from M20, I think flea could take a few pointers from that guy!. The lead guitarist from Edge of Reason was out of this world too!. overall though, it was a great show from all the bands, Kenyan rock is alive.

Notice how I am not a good journalist? well, am not!
….And since I don’t have a canon digital rebel! my pics came out sucky 😦 It’s partially my fault though, I think, cause for some reason I couldn’t be bothered about damn lighting or freagin angles!.

Mildred, one of the organizersMildred,one of the organizers.


Murphy's Flaw Some of the bands that played.

If you’re interested to know more about the Kenyan rock scene you can check out either one of these two yahoo groups:

Kenya Rock-

Kenya Punk-


So, yesterday was the day I finally decided to attend a WAPI event again. WAPI, which stands for Words And PIctures, is a monthly event that takes place every last Saturday of the month at the British council in Nairobi.And it’s basically a showcase involving visual artists (graffiti artists,garment artists etc) and aural artists (mcs, djs, singers, spoken word poets etc), with the aim of pushing a unified message/theme at the same time showcasing individual talent.I can’t quite remember the last time I was there but it has been a while.

Anyway, I got there, panting and sweating like a marathon runner at the finish line, cause I had to endure walking a km and a 1/2 or so in the very hot Nairobi sun (aww poor me!). But I was there!,and the first thing that got me excited was the crowd in attendance.crowd The last time I attended a WAPI event, the ratio between artists and attendees was around 2:1!, yesterday was a different story, although there were more artists than before, I think the ratio must have been 10:3 in favor of the non artists. Which I think made it out to be more of a ‘showcase’ than an art forum.

If you thought art was ‘dead’ in Nairobi, you wouldn’t have thought you were in Nairobi at WAPI. Guys did some pretty amazing stuff, particularly the graffiti artists, who went wild on the walls!graffgraff. Clearly though, in my mind, the Siafu crew took home the belt!. Other artists worth mentioning were the ‘canvas’ artists who all collaborated in theme to reflect the suffering and the need for peace in Kenya.canvascanvascanvas
The ‘mic’ art was dominated mainly by Hip hop mcs, apparently Channel O was there scouting/judging talent, which probably explains the huge turnout. With that said, I think I can proudly say that there’s a new breed of mcs in Kenya, and AK47 must be the poster-boy for this. The mc, ‘shot’ round after round of punch lines, from rapping about how when he goes in to buy a ‘CD’ at the chemist,he doesn’t ask for a ‘CD’ but for an ‘mp3’, to how his shoe doesn’t have a sole (soul) it has hip hop!(it really sounds better in sheng), the dude had the crowd waving and shouting for more.
Sadly though, I didn’t get to see much,since I arrived late and I left a bit early.All in all it was as I expected, display of raw talent and a hunger to be heard.And even though maybe some artists need to up their game a bit, and a change of venue to a more convenient place would be welcome, this event is good for Artists, good for Nairobi and mostly good for Kenya especially in these trying times.Props to the British council and much more props to BLAZE( the event organizer and mc).

‘Am probably going to attend the next one too. lady in pink

nice ones!!,the paintings!! viva hugoHugo Chavez!!.

Today? well am going to a ROCK SHOW at the cockpit in Langata! (Yes in Nairobi!).